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Counselling and Psychotherapy Practice in Oxford

I am a qualified Psychotherapist (Certified Transactional Analyst with a psychotherapy speciality). I offer psychotherapy and counselling to individuals and groups. To find out more please go to the Counselling and Psychotherapy page

Psychological Preparation for Sport

I have a lifelong interest and experience in sports and coaching, and I work with individuals and groups on their psychological preparation to improve their performance in sports. If you're interested in this aspect of your sports performance, read more on the Sports page


I work in Oxford (my location, redirects you to map), within easy reach of Abingdon, Bicester, Headington, Kidlington, Oxford, Woodstock and Witney.

About me

I am a qualified and UKCP Registered Psychotherapist and a Certified Transactional Analyst (Psychotherapy speciality). I am also on the UKCP Directory of Supervisors.

Before qualifying as a psychotherapist, I was a researcher in neuroscience and psychopharmacology, and I have a doctorate in psychopharmacology. I also worked as a medical writer, specialising in psychiatric and neurological disorders. I bring to my therapy practice a fascination with the brain, and how it is affected under stress and by our social relationships. In my work, I am constantly curious about what goes on between people: their conscious and non-conscious communications, and how simply being in relationship can bring profound healing.

I have long-term interests in training and development, of both the mind and body. For many years, I was a sports coach, and I continue to be interested in sports and how individuals and teams can improve their performance. I have also trained students in counselling skills and in counselling and psychotherapy for many years. I am currently Lead Tutor for TA courses at Iron Mill College in Exeter. There, I coordinate and deliver 2-day Introductions to TA (the TA101 course), a 1-year Foundation course in TA, and a 3-year Advanced Course in TA Psychotherapy. You can find out more information on these courses using these links: TA101 , Foundation in TA course, Advanced TA psychotherapy course.

To Make Contact or an Enquiry...

Please phone me on:

0787 976 9168
or use the 'send email' link in the sidebar.


Love Brings Us Home

Yesterday, I had the great pleasure of being part of the group who welcomed Sarah Outen home at Tower Bridge in London. Sarah has been away for 4½ years, kayaking, cycling and rowing her way around the Northern Hemisphere (Sarah's website). I’ve been working with Sarah since she first decided to row solo across the Indian Ocean in 2009. That decision to go solo, as she writes about in her book A dip in the ocean, was at least partly prompted by the sudden death of her beloved father. She honoured him by coming home safely after an epic voyage, and raising money for charity.

Since returning from that crossing, Sarah prepared then undertook this mammoth trip, crossing Europe, Asia and North America by bike, the Pacific ocean by rowing boat and finally being thwarted in her Atlantic crossing by the end of a hurricane. She is very clear that her journey, although solo, has been made by many people. Her partner, her family and her team, along with many people who have followed and supported her along the way, have all been an intrinsic part of her success. Sarah has said, on her return, that the biggest adventure of life is to be in and to sustain close relationships.

There’s no doubting the fact that Sarah is a phenomenally motivated and resilient person. She has – literally – weathered many storms during that time. And, as we have both written about in the past (see here), part of her ability to do that has been because she has talked things through and shared her experiences – good and bad – with those around her. It is those relationships that have sustained and supported her through the tough times. And it’s those relationships that provided the motivation to keep going and ultimately to return home.

It is in relationship with others that we find ourselves. It is in relationship with others that we are able to be ourselves – good and bad – and to change. It is love – relationship – that brings us home.
Briony Nicholls 4/11/15

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